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“John Seker and his team at American Power Ventures were brought in to lead many critical development activities for a coal-to-gas repowering project in the Eastern US. APV was responsible for managing, evaluating and negotiating the proposed plant’s configuration, equipment selection, engineering/procurement/construction process and the entire permitting process.

John is a top level professional with an astute sense for priorities, strategic thinking and reaching stated goals. His ability to process and adapt to new developments with equanimity serves our project very well. In addition, John has assembled a diverse and talented development team that he manages efficiently to optimize their strengths.

John shines in the face of complex tasks and challenges. Given our project’s complexities, we have been fortunate to witness John’s keen and rare expertise and skill set at work on a daily basis.”

Vice President at Major Private Equity Firm
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Solar and Wind

“I had the pleasure of working with APV on the successful licensing of a large combined power project in northern New Jersey. As a major new power plant in a densely populated city, the project had numerous interrelated technical, regulatory, logistical, political and public challenges. APV did an outstanding job helping the project balance sometimes conflicting interests to efficiently and effectively solve a myriad of complex issues.

Through APV’s leadership and project development skills, the project was able to obtain a key approval from the city’s Planning Board despite well organized and vocal opposition. APV was able to manage the efforts of a development team consisting of multiple owners as well as numerous consultants, engineers and attorneys through effective communication and transparency, both internally and externally with stakeholders. I would highly recommend John and his team.”

Vice President at Major Permitting Firm

“I lead our law firm’s global construction transactional team, where we specialize in the development of energy projects, including power plants. In the process I have worked with many developers and owners and their teams, both large and small, for projects ranging from $100 million to over $20 billion. I recently worked with APV on a complex power plant development involving the conversion of an existing coal fired power plant to a combined cycle plant, and I was very impressed with their services.


APV is very knowledgeable in power plant development and provided invaluable, efficient services to the equity participants in the development of the project. John and his team were creative in coming up with solutions to complex issues, hard-working, extremely responsive and a joy to work with on the project. They really knew how to drive value in the project, saving significant sums for the equity participants. When the APV team consulted with us on legal matters or with other outside consultants, they oversaw and coordinated every interaction seamlessly. It would be a joy to work with APV on another power plant project.”


​Partner at Major Law Firm
Installing Solar Panels
WIne Turbines

“In my role as Chief of Staff to Woodbridge Township Mayor John E. McCormac and Executive Director of the Woodbridge Township Redevelopment Agency, I work with numerous developers from different industries who pitch their development plans to the Township. John Seker, a power plant developer, worked closely with the Mayor and me, over the course of several years, to develop a large power generation facility in the Township. The power plant will be breaking ground soon and is among the most significant achievements of the Development Authority.

John earned our trust and our confidence through his work with us as a developer and by volunteering his time on behalf of the Township’s Brownfield Development Agency and Energy Steering Committees. During his tenure on those committees, our charge was to remedy many economic, environmental and safety issues facing the Township. John’s feedback throughout those discussions was always incisive, thoughtful and creative. John’s capabilities as a developer, his integrity, and his business savvy are without peer. Not all developers deliver on their promises, so we felt especially fortunate that we connected with John, a developer who always understood the needs of the Township and gave us the confidence that he would get the job done. Ultimately, John’s perseverance and knowledge of the development process, as well as his wonderful personal traits helped lead to the development of the project. Without John’s efforts, this significant and important project would not have been possible.”

Executive Director,
Woodbridge Township Redevelopment Agency and Chief of Staff to Woodbridge Township Mayor

“I have had the pleasure of working directly with John and his team over the course of several of their most recent accomplishments, ranging from brownfield new-build development, to repowering an existing facility, to the strategic re-commercialization of an existing power plant asset. APV’s breadth of talent and proficiency bring value in virtually all key areas of project development.

John is an accomplished leader who orchestrates and directly addresses all phases of project development, including speaking and giving public testimony to inform local citizens, environmental groups and community leaders; managing regulatory interfaces regarding fuel supply and interconnection agreements, and effectively leading negotiations on major equipment supply contracts and turnkey EPC agreements.

Thanks to John’s organization, leadership and unparalleled style of transparent and efficient communications, we could consistently rely upon him to keep the ownership team appropriately up to speed.  John is a master at keeping the right parties involved in the face of development obstacles or challenges, allowing fully informed decisions and forward progress.  John is a pleasure to work with and a tremendous asset to have on the team.”

Director, Project Management at Large Advisor to Major Private Equity Firm
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